Your child’s learning journey

At Cuddles, the term ‘learning journey’ refers to a collection of documents that are collated by your child’s Key Person and other practitioners within your child’s room. This provides a picture of your child’s development under the areas of learning, as identified in the EYFS. Learning journeys consist of photos, artwork, mark-making, etc, and are interspersed with observations and notes of relevant conversations or comments made by your child. Your child’s Key Person will match any observations to the EYFS curriculum guidance. The aim is to build a unique picture of what your child knows, feels and can do, as well as his/her particular interests and learning style. This can then be used to pinpoint learning priorities to help plan relevant and motivating learning experiences. 

LearningBook is a complete digital solution for learning journeys where Cuddles can record, analyse and share information about your child’s progress.

Paper learning journeys are outdated, impractical and often unavailable to parents, which is why LearningBook has developed a smarter, safer and more accessible way of capturing and presenting your child’s Early Years progress. LearningBook brings learning journeys into the digital age, providing parents with an electronic version of their child’s learning journey which they can access and engage with at any time. Increased visibility means parents can support the skills their son or daughter is learning at nursery by using the same teaching styles and processes at home when planning fun and educational activities.

Please search for ‘My LearningBook parent portal’ in Google. Just click on the link and it will take you to the page to log in.

Please come in and speak to the Team Leader of your room who will be happy to reset your password.

LearningBook generates the passwords so that your child’s account is always safe and cannot be accessed by anyone but you. For security reasons, if the incorrect password is entered three times the system will disable the login and the Team Leader of your room will need to re-enable it. If you have forgotten your password, you will need to come in and speak to the Team Leader of your child’s room who will reset your password.

Parents can leave a ‘keepsake comment’ next to each observation by clicking the “Add your keepsake comment” link. This is restricted to 125 characters so it fits into the margin; you can see who commented – and when they made the note – as well as amending or deleting it by hovering over the comment.

Yes, you can!

The ‘At Home’ feature allows parents to upload photos and associated comments from home. To upload At Home photos, click the “At Home” icon from the top menu. This will load the At Home page from where you can see all the pictures and text you have uploaded. To add a picture, click the “Add Photo” icon where you will be prompted to choose the photo from your PC or phone.

Yes, there is! Please click on the YouTube video below.

Yes,we do! Parents’ Guide to MyLearningBook 2018  is the Parents’ guide that has been issued by LearningBook for all parents. Please click on the link above.

As you know, the care we offer at Cuddles is rated Outstanding, and this is based on the time and attention our staff dedicate to the children in our care. Your child’s key person and the rest of the staff within your child’s room work hard to record and document all of the exciting things that take place within our rooms on a daily basis. Where possible, these things will be uploaded ASAP; when this isn’t possible, we will ensure that updated information (photos, observations, etc) will be added at the end of every month.

As a guideline, we would suggest that you visit your child’s LearningBook online at the start of the month to see all of the fun your child had in the previous month.