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Over the years we have been asked thousands of questions by parents anxious to make the right choice for their child. Please click on one of the links below or email our team at

How do I register?

You can telephone to make an appointment to come and look around any of the settings before making your mind up.  We actually suggest you look at a few other settings to make sure that we are really the place for you and your child. Once you have made your decision then we must receive a signed and fully completed registration form together with the stated deposit or non -refundable registration fee.

How do I secure a place?

To secure a nursery place at least two sessions a week must be booked except at the Holiday Club which has no minimum sessions required.   We require you to provide your child’s original birth certificate and a recent utility bill to confirm DOB & Address. Copies will be taken for reference purposes.

What do I need to pay?

There is a deposit that is held which is calculated by the number of sessions attended x 4 weeks.  If the start date is more than 3 months away you may choose to pay a £35*# registration fee at time of registration and then pay the deposit 3 months before the start date. (*reduced to £25 if a sibling is already attending).  Your payment for one month’s deposit will be requested at time of registration or later by agreement with us.

This deposit is held whilst your child attends nursery and if you subsequently increase sessions an increased deposit will be required.

You will get a full refund  as long as your child stays with the nursery for at least 6 months, 6 weeks’ written notice is given when leaving the nursery and a zero balance is on your child’s account when leaving.  Once this has been completed you will receive a letter of conformation from the administration team.

What happens if my child is sick?

We ask that you telephone your child’s nursery and inform them that your child will not be attending and the reason why.  Unfortunately fees or sessions cannot be refunded.

Can I book a term-time only place?

We offer a facility for teachers and those working within educational establishments to take up a term-time only place.  These places are limited and this will only be offered upon receipt of an official letter from the school employer.  50% fees are taken to cover Borough of Poole school holidays.

Do I have to pay when I am on holiday or when the nursery is closed?

We do not charge when the nursery is closed on bank holidays or for a week over Christmas and for Poole Stadium for the week’s closure in February.  We charge for all other times even if you take your child out to go on holiday.

Do you offer lunchtime meals?

Yes we offer hot meals for all children who are fully weaned.  This is at a cost of £2.95 per day and is cooked and delivered by Caesars Bistro.  Menus are available from the nursery and on-line and are required to be filled in and taken to the office by the 10th of the previous month.  For example June’s menus must be back by the 10th of May etc.  We will re-heat food for the children in the Baby Unit only.

What are the staffing ratios?

To comply with Ofsted regulations the staffing ratios are :-
0-2 years – 1 staff to 3 babies
2-3 years – 1 staff to 4 toddlers
3+ – 1 staff to 8 children
We always have a minimum of 2 staff on duty in a room no matter if the ratios only require 1 staff member

What are the staff's qualifications?

Over the 3 settings we have fully qualified teachers (3), Early Years Professionals (4), NVQ 6 (2) NVQ, 3 most of the other staff.  We also have NVQ2 (2) every year we take on an apprentice at each setting.

What happens if I am late collecting my child?

We ask that if you are going to be late that you call the nursery to inform us.  If it is a one off occurrence then we are generally very flexible. However if you are late on more than one occasion a charge of £10 per child is levied for every 15 minutes (or part thereof) this money goes towards the staff costing, as 2 staff will need to remain with your child until they are collected especially if it is after 6pm.

What if I have a query about my invoice?

If there are any queries with charges or invoicing then we kindly ask that you go to the office and speak directly to the administration team who will be able to help you.

What if I want to change my child's sessions?

If you would like to add additional sessions then the administration team will look to see the availability in your child’s room. If there are enough staff then this can be done with immediate effect. If you wish to reduce your child’s sessions then 6 weeks’ notice in writing is required. Unfortunately we are unable to swap sessions. There is a £20 administration fee to reduce sessions”

Can I add one-off sessions?

If there is availability within your child’s room then we will always try to help.  These extra sessions will be charged at our normal rate.  Once additional one-off sessions are booked they cannot be cancelled.

Will my child go on outings?

We like to take the children on outings and every room does this at least once a term. This is done on different days in each term to try and ensure most children get an opportunity to go on an outing. We have a large fleet of nursery cars and therefore we can transport all children safely. Parents of the children under the age of 3 years will be required to provide their own car seats, which will be fitted by the parent when they arrive. This ensures the car seat is correctly secured.

Children over the age of 3 years will be either supplied with a booster seat or will be put in a full backed car seat.

What school will my child go to?

Parents have to register with their local authority before the end of January in the year in which their child goes to school. During the summer term most of the local schools will liaise with the nursery to arrange a date to come in and see the children going to their school.

At the Canford Heath nursery there is a close links with Canford Heath infants and we are invited to some of their events, such as the children’s nativities.

The nursery staff will always try and help and advise you however if they are not sure then they will give you the contact details of the person to talk to.

What activities do you do?

The nursery offers many fun activities but all of them have some learning intention behind them – even in the Baby Unit!  We ensure that every day the children have an opportunity to take part in activities which cover the 7 areas of development.  These are, Personal, Social and Emotional, Communication and Language, Physical, Mathematics Literacy, Understanding the World, Creative arts and Design,

We also love outdoor play and most rooms have a trip to the woods every week. We play outside in our outside area at least 3 times a day, no matter what the weather. We also offer free gym sessions on a Tuesday for Canford Heath and Parkstone Wily and Batwing children.

How safe is the nursery?

The nursery has a key pad entry system at Canford Heath and Parkstone and a door bell at Poole Stadium.  No-one is allowed into the nursery without first being asked for ID if they do not have a code to get in.  All staff have an up-to date DBS and wear a jade green top to easily identify them.  The nursery managers wear a light blue t-shirt to make them easily identifiable.  The recruiting of new staff is very strict and no one is allowed to be left with the children or take children to the toilet or change nappies without have numerous safeguarding checks run on them.

How do I find out if my child is eligible for the 30 hrs of funding?

You will need to visit the following government website; Childcare Choices  Here you can find details relating to tax free childcare, tax credits for childcare,universal credit for childcare in addition to the funded hours.  You will need to have your National Insurance number to hand when applying.  If you are eligible you will be issued with an 11 digit eligibility code which you will need to provide to the nursery.  You will need to re-apply every 3 months, each time you will be provided with a new code which you will need to pass on to us.

What discounts do Cuddles offer?

Cuddles offer a variety of discounts* (*Subject to review and at the Directors discretion, Proof of entitlement will be required annually.) Please click on this link to see our full list: Cuddles Discount List   

3 Facts about us

With over 15 years experience, Cuddles is one of the most established child care providers in Dorset.

Each Cuddles’ setting has an outdoor play area, to encourage children to play freely and safely.

Canford Heath is one of the highest achieving nurseries in Dorset.


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