Stay Safe In The Sun

Summer finally seems to be on the horizon! Recently, particularly over the first May bank holiday weekend, we’ve been lucky enough to experience some of the hottest days recorded for early May. What better way is there than spending the weekend playing outside with your friends in the sun or spending the day on the beach with your family?


Sunshine is good for us! A sunny day lifts our mood and we always tend to feel better – sunlight is also a good natural source of vitamin D which our bodies need to be able to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. But be warned – too much sun can be dangerous. Sunburn and sunstroke are just two of the consequences of too much sun – both are horrible and too much sun can also lead to serious skin diseases in later life. To help you to stay safe in the sun this summer, here are our top tips for avoiding feeling ill because of too much sun!



Always make sure that you have sunscreen to hand. Sunscreen is specially developed and formulated to protect our skin from the Sun’s harmful rays. Sunscreen should be applied to the skin at least half an hour before going into the sun and then reapplied on a regular basis (particularly if you are in and out of the water).  Sunscreen comes in all different shapes and sizes. It’s always best to read the label and to remember that the higher the sun factor, the higher level of protection you will receive.


Stay Hydrated

In hot or humid weather the body can dehydrate very quickly – especially when children are playing and running around with friends. Make sure you always have plenty of water to hand as both dehydration and sunstroke can be very dangerous. If your child complains of feeling faint or dizzy, then they need to be removed out of the sun immediately to a cooler place.


Cover Up!

No matter what your skin type, when the sun is out, staying covered up is usually a good idea.  Apart from avoiding sunburn, wearing light coloured clothes will reflect the sun’s rays. It’s also recommended to have a good hat and sunglasses to hand when the sun is at its highest.


Choose When You Play In The Sun

As soon as the sun comes out, as a nation, we try to make the most of it – after all, we never know how long the lovely weather is going to last! Spending the day in the sun, whether at the beach, in the New Forest or simply in the back garden taking a break from the sun and sitting in the shade will help your body to cool down and reduce the risk of burning and sunstroke. It’s recommended that we avoid sitting in direct sunlight between 12 pm and 3 pm when the sun is at its highest.


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