LearningBook – Your Child’s Journey Through Cuddles!

LearningBook gives staff and parents a smart, flexible way to record, review and allow you to interact with your child’s early years education by transforming the link between home and the classroom. Did you know that your child’s LearningBook is available to buy as a keepsake in a hardback book or on a memory stick? 

Children grow up so fast; don’t let it flash before your eyes!

What Is LearningBook?

LearningBook’s online learning journeys are a blessing for both parents and early years staff:

  • Parents can access video, photo and audio information on what their child is learning at school or nursery in real-time; painting a far bigger picture than rushed conversations at drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Share pictures and videos with staff about your child’s learning at home.
  • Discover the teaching styles and curricula used at school or nursery, which you can adapt for use at home.
  • Staff can generate progress tracking, attainment and summary reports quickly and easily without spending hours entering data.
  • Information is stored safely, forever, for access anytime by all family members.
  • Creating parent partnerships becomes easy.



As wonderful as digital learning journeys are, why not have the best of both worlds?

Hardback Book:

As a child moves through rooms and classes or leaves a setting, LearningBook allows parents to celebrate their child’s achievements by printing their learning journey in beautiful hardback books. The books measure 21cm and come in your choice of purple, orange, green, blue, pink or turquoise. The learning journey is broken down into 45-page volumes at £25 each* (or less).

It’s the perfect gift to share with family; a permanent keepsake to show your child just how far they’ve come and what they can achieve. You’ll see their journey in the nursery – from babies to toddlers, to tots, to preschool or during their first years at school. It’s especially useful for relatives without internet access who want to understand how your child is developing, and how they can be involved.

The hardback book will save every part of the online learning journey for posterity, except the audio and video content.

Memory Sticks:

The memory sticks are available for WINDOWS PCs only and include photos, video, audio and text observations with accompanying descriptive text and EYFS links (in abbreviated format). Each photo and video can be opened to full-screen size as they do on the online version. Each memory stick has a dedicated “My Learning Book Viewer” application to view the volume’s content – contents cannot be removed and viewed elsewhere. The application is PIN protected and the PIN is unique to each individual parent. Volume options include:

  • 50-page volume
  • Extended volumes (where the final volume does not exceed 10 pages) 
  • Full learning journey
  • Watch videos, view photographs and listen to audio recordings of your child’s development through their early years with all the family.


Buy the hardback book for just £25 plus delivery or the memory stick with video footage for just £35 plus delivery. 

For more details on how to order, please speak to your nursery manager.