Here at Cuddles, providing your child with delicious and healthy meals during the day is of great importance to us.  For this reason alone, we have worked with CaterFirst, a local catering company for a while now.

CaterFirst is committed to providing high-quality nutritional food to children as part of a balanced meal plan. Meals are cooked fresh every day, using locally sourced products by their family run team and delivered directly to the three nurseries. The team at CaterFirst are not just a catering company. They are passionate about delivering excellent food to all types of events and they take their responsibility of catering for our children seriously.

In their own words, “Our goal is to delight your children with great tasting food that contributes to their own wellbeing. We’re proud that all our menus offer a carefully comprised mix of nutritional and tasty food. We work hard to source the best possible ingredients from some of the area’s best suppliers. We also take special care to ensure children with dietary requirements can experience our meals.

CaterFirst provides Cuddles with a varied lunch menu which allows your children to experience different tastes and textures. It’s amazing how many times parents will have tried different foods at home to introduce variety into meal times without success, yet when children are sat with their peers, the same meals that may become a ‘mealtime’ trauma (and we’ve all had these), at home, are eaten and enjoyed without fuss because the children are eating as a group.

CaterFirst menu choices are ordered in advance. Vegetarian options are always available. Each meal planner comes with an easy to view allergen checklist so if your child does need to avoid certain foods, then alternatives will be made available.

CaterFirst has a five-star hygiene rating, plus they also work alongside the Nursery and The Jamie Oliver Kitchen Garden Project to help teach children the importance of Nutrition, where their food comes from, how to grow their own food and cooking skills.

For more information about CaterFirst, you can visit their website at

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