Christmas At Cuddles

As the festive season will soon be upon us, here is a list of dates and times for parents and carers to take note of! Christmas party dates and nativity times are listed below for each room.


Cuddles Christmas Fayre:

We are very excited about our forthcoming Christmas Fayre. This year, the fayre will be held at our Canford Heath setting in Learoyd Road on Saturday 8th December. Everyone is welcome so please come along between 11.00am – 13.00pm and join us for some festive fun!

Christmas at Cuddles Canford Heath:


Christmas Party Dates (Times TBC)

The Christmas parties for each room are on the following dates – we will confirm times towards the end of November.  Please pop the date in your diary!

Fireflies – 17th – 21st December party teas

Natterjacks – 17th – 21st December party teas

Wide Eye – 14th December

Komodo – 11th December

Little Hoots – 17th December

Hornets – 10th December

Wilys  – 17th December

Batwings – 18th December

Centipedes – 19th December

Rang-A-Tangs and Conchita’s – 20th December


Nativity Dates and Times


03/12/2018 6pm Hornets and it’s being filmed

04/12/2018: 6pm Conchitas & Rang-A-Tangs and it’s being filmed. 1pm Batwings

05/12/2018: 6pm Batwings and it’s being filmed.  1pm Conchitas & Rang-A-Tangs

06/12/2018: 6pm Centipedes and it’s being filmed. 1pm Hornets

07/12/2018 1pm Centipedes

10/12/2018: 6pm Wilys and it’s being filmed

12/12/2018: 1pm Wilys


Christmas at Cuddles Poole Stadium


The Nativity is Friday 7th December at 4pm

Little Hoots Christmas Party is Tuesday 18th December- 12-2

Rang ‘a’ Tangs Wednesday 19th December 12-2


Christmas at Cuddles Parkstone



03/12/18 – Wilys Nativity – filmed. 4.30pm

04/12/18 – Rang-A-Tangs Nativity filmed. 4.30pm & Wily Nativity 6.30pm

05/12/18 – Rang-A-Tangs Nativity 6.30pm

06/12/18 – Hornets Nativity 4.30pm

Thursday 6th December Hornets nativity at 4.30pm

07/12/18 – Hornets Nativity 6.30pm


Christmas Parties:


10/12/18 – Baby Unit party tea

11/12/18 – Christmas Lunch – all rooms & Baby Unit party tea

12/12/18 – Christmas Parties – all rooms with entertainer & Baby Unit party tea

13/12/18 – Baby Unit party tea

14/12/18 – Baby Unit party tea


We still have places available in our Christmas Holiday Club – for more information, please click here.



Remember for children who are on term-time only hours, their last day will be Friday 21st December 2018; unless you have been notified of an earlier end date. The new academic term starts back on Monday 7th January 2019.

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