Your Child’s Learning Book

Throughout your child’s time a nursery, a record is kept of their journey through nursery – traditionally this record has been kept in a paper format and would record everything from activities, simple mark making, art, photos, friendships, events and most importantly, key milestones in your child’s development and learning.  

In January 2017, we decided to move from the traditional paper format to using a digital way of recording your child’s progress through Learning Book.  You can find all of the information on how to log in and where to find your child’s learning journey by clicking here.

This blog has been written to explain a little more about the benefits of why we decided to move across to Learning Book and how, as parents, you can benefit more from it.

“LearningBook is a Digital Learning Journey that combines easy to use, practical features with beautiful design, underpinned with safeguarding-aware technology. Developed by head teachers, Ofsted outstanding nursery operators and IT experts and used extensively throughout the UK and abroad, LearningBook is quickly becoming the number one choice for teachers and Early Years Professionals.”

As nursery professionals, LearningBook allows us to give parents the visibility they need to support their child’s education beyond the classroom. By logging on to your child’s dedicated learning journey, you can see what your child does whilst they are with us, how they learn and the day to day activities that would not have been so easy to record in the traditional way. As a parent or carer, you are able to add your own comments and contribute observations and photos which have made at home.

Not only does this process give a more complete record of your child’s development at such a crucial time in their young lives and it also helps us to engage more with parents and carers and gives you a real insight to how your children are developing at your convenience.

We aim to keep each child’s learning journey updated on a regular basis, however we will ensure that each journey is up to date by the end of each month, therefore, whilst you are free to look during the month, we recommend logging on at the start of each month to view the most up to date activity for your child.

Keeping Memories

These early childhood years flash by. Before we know it, our little ones who craved cuddles and bedtime stories, are teenagers and considering what GSCE’s to take and these early years become a distant memory. With Learning Book, parents will have the opportunity to be able to keep their children’s early years learning journey by having it all displayed in a keepsake book or on a memory stick. Further details of this are available on the Learning Book parent portal.