It’s the time of year when we enjoy spending more time in the garden and we’re looking for new activities to do with the children to keep them occupied over the summer.

Bird feeders are easy to make and ideal for helping your little one feel closer to nature. Not only will they have fun making and hanging it in the garden, they will soon become a mini birdwatcher!

Why not encourage them to recognise and name the types of birds they see having a nibble?

Here’s how you can create some simple bird feeders with the kids that are easy enough for anyone to make at home…

You will need:

  • A slice of bread
  • String
  • Bird seed
  • Butter knife
  • Peanut butter

Make a hole in the corner of the bread with your fingers and thread through a bit of garden string and tie it in a knot to make a loop (if the bread is too floppy, you could try toasting it for a short time first).

Spread peanut butter onto the bread using a butter knife and then press bird feed on top of the peanut butter. Once the first side is done, turn the bread over and do the same on the other side.

Find the perfect spot in the garden to hang your bird feeder, then stand back and wait to see who comes along for a snack!

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