Here are some helpful hints and tips that we have put together at the nursery to help you as parents with your child aged 3 – 5 years.

  • Give your child a limited number of simple choices (for example, deciding what to wear, where to play, and what to eat for snack).
  • Cook meals together or encourage your child to help prepare snacks such as sandwiches/wraps.
  • Encourage your child to play with other children. This helps them to learn the value of sharing and friendship.
  • Set up a special time to read books with your child.
  • Be clear and consistent when disciplining your child. Explain and show the behaviour that you expect from them. Whenever you tell them no, follow up with what they should be doing instead.
  • Encourage your child to dress and undress them-self daily. By the time they go to school your child should be able to completely dress/undress themselves (including shoes) and put on and zip up their own coat.
  • Play board games with your child, like shape sorting and simple puzzles.
  • Encourage your child to help with simple chores.
  • Eat meals with your child whenever possible. Let your child see you enjoying fruits, vegetables, and whole grains at meals and snacks. Your child should eat and drink only a limited amount of food and beverages that contain added sugars, solid fats, or salt.
  • Continue to read to your child. Nurture their love for books by taking your child to the library or bookshop.
  • Do arts and crafts together.
  • Limit screen time for your child to no more than 1 to 2 hours per day of quality programming, at home, school, or child care.
  • Help your child through the steps to solve problems when they are upset.

Children’s Centres offer a warm welcome and a wealth of fun activities, services and advice that support families with children under 5 years old. 1-1 guidance on any aspect of family life is available from your local Children’s Centre.





You may also want to consider visiting:

  • Your local library for books and groups
  • Woodland walks such as Upton Country Park
  • Your local play park to play on the swings and slide
  • Visit the sea side to play in the sand and see the waves and smell the fresh air
  • Go swimming at your local swimming pool
  • Take a trip down to the Poole Harbour to see the boats
  • Visit your local soft play to play on the mats and in the balls!
  • Go to the farm to see all of the animals and hear the noises they make
  • Go on a muddy puddle walk